Security System Products

Barq Security System provides a comprehensive range of security systems from MOI approved IP CCTV camera surveillance to perimeter intrusion/detection, access control and time attendance solutions, RFID based systems, and various security services.
Barq security systems have pioneered as a leader in various surveillance solutions. Our solutions has been implemented in various verticals which include Manufacturing, FMCG, IT, Institutions, Health Care etc.Barq security systems is partnered and has implemented projects with most of the global brands .
Barq security systems also focus on IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance)-a technology which helps to monitor and secure the areas of interest with the software detecting threats and suspicious activities. This is relatively a new technology helping prevent crime and assurance of safe and protective environment

CCTV Surveillance Systems

we provides a full range of CCTV system with IPCAMERAS , CCTV cameras, digital recorder (DVR), cabling and installation, customised to meet your security and surveillance requirement from global leaders.

  • We provide high resolution surveillance systems for both domestic and commercial applications.
  • From single camera systems to multi-site configuration, we will design a system that meets your surveillance requirements.
  • End-to-End Security Solutions
  • Custom Product and Application Development
  • Project Engineering
  • Competitively Priced
  • Industry Leading Warranties
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Mobile DVR GPS location
  • Smartphone Mobile Support
  • People Counting Camera
Time & Attendance / Access Control Systems

Time & attendance and Access control solutions range from card/proximity access systems to intelligent keys. We can provide access control solutions that range in size from entire corporate systems to simple, keypad access for remote stand-alone, security doors. Requirements depend on access control risks. We use the latest technologies – including proximity cards and tokens, smart cards and biometrics – and source from the leading, global names in access control.

ID Card Printers

ID Card Printers, also known as card printers , are used worldwide to print secure identification cards, payment cards, authorization cards, and visitor badges for corporate, educational, and other uses. These electronic card printers come with a Card Feeder and Output card hopper to facilitate bulk printing, reduce resource utilization, and automate volume printing. The Card Feeder can fed cards into the Printer, one-by-one, while the output card hopper can hold printed cards.

Types ID card Printers including

  • Single Sided ID Card Printers – The single sided ID card Printers are preferred for high volume printing of corporate identification cards, student ID cards, and Loyalty cards, etc.
  • Double Sided ID card Printer
Video Door Phones

Video door phones are one of the kind products with advanced technology and safety. It consists of an outdoor and indoor unit which is easy to install and use. No need to walk up to the door to view your visitors just install video door phone anywhere in the house and open up the door by pressing a single button. Its two way communication allows you to talk to visitors without having to open the door.

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